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Mlle. Chantelle Barrois and her fashions

Mademoiselle Chantelle is an authentic replica of an antique Barrois doll, created by
Eugene Barrois,
dating approximately 1870.  The mold for this lovely doll was created by
Dollspart using 3D imaging of an antique
Barrois doll.  Many thanks to Dollspart and to
those of you that have already purchased your Chantelle from me.

BarroisHolly    BarroisValerie    BarroisMAS

Pricing for dolls
15" doll (undressed) on Dollspart Jointed Body
w/Jointed Wrist and beautifully modeled  hands
Glass Paperweight Eyes - Mohair Wig - Earrings of your choice

$725.00 (U.S. Funds) plus $24 shipping within the United States

Check or Money Order to:
Mary Ann Shandor
1734 Lake Country Dr, Ext
Asheboro, NC  27205

If you are interested in the purchase of Mlle. Barrois, please contact me at:

Available Patterns for your Barrois
(or other 15-inch Fashion Dolls)

 Each pattern can be double clicked to see details with a larger view.

$24  French Fashion Underpinnings$23   Gingham C'est Magnifique

$23   Wedding & French Day Dress$24  1876 Walking Suit

$24   Mlle. Annastasia$19   At the Sea Shore 1872

$19   Summer's End Bathing Attire
Pattern Purchase Information
The patterns on my web site are digital PDF patterns.  
They are NOT hard-copy patterns sent to your home via USPS.

The patterns are easy to purchase.  Simply send me an email to with
the name of the pattern/s you want to purchase.
 If you need an invoice, let me know
and I will send you a PayPal invoice.  
After payment, PayPal will notify me of your
payment and the pattern/s will be sent to your email address for immediate access.  
Be sure to provide your email address at PayPal and name/s of the pattern/s you
are purchasing.

Following are a few of my dolls and costuming for Mademoiselle Chantelle.  
I plan to create patterns of them for you when time permits.
barroisdottedswiss    graystripsuit    VelvetJacket

The 3 patterns below were designed by me for Dollspart Supply Company - Owner, Barbara Frohlich
You can purchase each pattern from Dollspart Supply Co. at

 4Dollspart  GalaBallgown  Ballgown4Dollspart

I created the white dress below of an antique doll dress for UFDC, Doll News.

The free pattern appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of the UFDC Doll News magazine.  
Email me, or UFDC, for further information.
The red and white dress is of the same pattern.  
I simply applied feather stitching and red embroidery floss to the lace.

   DollNewsDress DNcover

When I have dresses or accessories to sell,  you can find them at the Costumes & Accessories page.

Thank you for visiting my web site.  Please come back often.
Mary Ann Shandor     
PayPal Address for Patterns:
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Web:  or
Member UFDC and Twickenham Doll Club

Portrait Jumeau
GB French Fashion
My Past Dolls
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